A Comfortable Setting for the Whole Family

We offer comprehensive eye care for all ages. We provide quality eye exams with an emphasis on patient education.

Blurry Vision?

Let us help make things clearer. Request an appointment today

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Eye Health Care

Stop suffering. We can treat dry eyes, red eyes and allergies.

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Contact Lenses

We fit and prescribe a wide range of contact lenses

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Myopia Management

Let’s discuss different myopia controlling methods for your child

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Eye Surgery

We will co-manage your ocular surgery such as laser vision correction

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Ocular Disease

State of the art equipment used to diagnose diseases

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Total Eye Care for Total Eye Health

An eye exam is more than just reading a vision chart! Our comprehensive eye exams include a multi-level assessment of your eye health, which includes:

Visual Acuity Test
Eye Pressure Test
Color Vision Assessment
Eye Muscles Alignment
Refraction To Determine Prescription
Dilation to Check Eye Health
Retinal Photography